The Appellate Rules Committee has updated its style–the Appellate Style Manual that is. The Style Manual provides practical examples and tips for those practicing in North Carolina’s state appellate courts.  Although not a substitute for the Rules themselves, the Style Manual is a handy guide for those dealing with pesky table of authorities or seeking guidance on the latest appellate transcript rules.  Caitlin Mitchell, who recently took over as editor-in-chief of the Style Manual, has a summary of the latest updates here.

The Rules Committee has been busy.  In March 2021, the Committee issued a facelift to its ever-popular Guide to Appealability of Interlocutory Orders. Big thanks to the efforts of that publication’s editor-in-chief, Scottie Lee.

The updated Style Manual  and Guide to Appealability can be found on the Appellate Rules Committee’s webpage,  Updated links to this and other appellate-related publications are also located on this blog under the “Rules and Practices Guides” page located under the “Other Resources” tab on the front page.

–Beth Scherer