Between 2010 and 2020, the Supreme Court decided 36 tort cases from Chicago’s First District: three from Division One, six from Division Two, eight from Division three, nine from Division Four, six from Division Five and four from Division Six.  Eleven cases arose from the Second District.  The Court decided five tort cases each from the Third and Fourth Districts.  Ten cases arose from the Fifth District.

Division Two of the First District fared worst over the past eleven years: 83.33% of the tort decisions were reversed.  Two-thirds of tort cases from Divisions One and Four were reversed.  Half of the tort decisions from Divisions Three, Five and Six were reversed.  The reversal rate for the Second District was 63.64%.  For the Third District, 80% of the tort cases were reversed.  In the Fourth District, the reversal rate was 40%.  For the Fifth District, the reversal rate was 90%.

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Image courtesy of Flickr by Adam Moss (no changes).