Today and tomorrow, we’re concluding our six-part review of the tenure of Justice Carol Corrigan of the Supreme Court.  Justice Corrigan has written 83 majority opinions in civil cases and 14 dissents.  She has written 20 opinions in civil procedure cases, 14 involving government and administrative law, nine each in employment law and tort law cases, seven involving environmental law, five in arbitration cases, two in cases involving contract law and one in a domestic relations case.

Justice Corrigan has written four majority opinions each in cases involving constitutional and tax law.  She has written three cases involving commercial law, two in workers compensation cases and one each in cases involving wills & estates, insurance law and election law.

Justice Corrigan has written four dissents in civil procedure cases, three in tort cases, two each in environmental law and constitutional law cases and one apiece in cases involving wills & estates, government and administrative law and arbitration.

Join us back here tomorrow as we complete our review of Justice Corrigan’s tenure.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Peter Kaminski (no changes).