Yesterday, we reviewed Justice Garman’s civil majority and dissenting opinions.  Today, we’re looking at Justice Garman’s criminal opinions.

Justice Garman has written 38 majority opinions in constitutional law cases.  She has written 14 majorities in sentencing cases, 13 in habeas corpus cases, eight in cases involving juvenile justice issues, six in cases regarding sex offenses, five in death penalty cases, two in cases involving violent crimes and one case involving property crimes.

Justice Garman wrote 28 majority opinions in criminal procedure cases.  She wrote three mental health decisions, two cases involving drug offenses and one majority opinion each in cases involving process crimes, political crimes, driving offenses and attorney discipline.

Justice Garman has written six criminal dissents in constitutional law cases and six in criminal procedure cases.  She has written two habeas corpus opinions, two in cases involving sex offenses and two in cases involving violent crimes.  She has also written one death penalty case, one in a sentencing case, one in a juvenile justice case and one in an attorney discipline case.

Join us back on the California Supreme Court Review tomorrow morning as we complete our review of Justice Carol Corrigan’s tenure.

Image courtesy of Flickr by David Wilson (no changes).