In these concluding posts, we’re reviewing the majority and dissenting opinions written by the Chief Justice.

Just over half of the Chief Justice’s majority opinions in civil cases have related to one of three areas of law: tort (17 opinions), civil procedure (16 opinions) and government and administrative law (13 opinions).  She has written eleven majorities on constitutional law, six on employment law, four on insurance law, three involving domestic relations, two each in contract law and wills and estates, and one apiece in environmental law, tax law, workers compensation and secured transactions.

The most common area of law in her civil dissents is the same as majority opinions – tort law (4 dissents).  She has written three dissents in government and administrative law and tax law, two in constitutional law and one each involving wills and estates, civil procedure and domestic relations.

Next time, we’ll take a look at Chief Justice Burke’s opinions in criminal, quasi-criminal, mental health and juvenile justice cases.

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