This week, we’re beginning our review of the tenure of Justice Mary Jane Theis.  Justice Theis took her seat on the Supreme Court on October 26, 2010, after being elevated from the Appellate Court for the First District.

Before we begin a reminder – “agreement” for purposes of calculating agreement rates is defined as complete agreement – therefore, a Justice voting to affirm in part and reverse in part when the majority reverses entirely doesn’t count as agreement.  Cases are divided between civil and criminal per our usual practice – criminal should more properly be called “criminal, quasi-criminal, juvenile justice and mental health cases.”  And we stopped our counts for 2021 at the same time for all seven Justices to level the playing field, so the 2021 data is partial only.

Since joining the Court, Justice Theis has participated in 346 civil cases.  Aside from her partial year in 2010, her busiest year was 2015 with 44 cases.  The lightest full year was 2018 with 22 cases.

Justice Theis has participated in 359 criminal cases since taking her seat on the Court.  Her heaviest year was 2011, her first full year on the Court, when she participated in 45 criminal cases.  Her lightest full year was 2019, when she participated in 21 cases.

Join us back here next time as we review Justice Theis’ voting record.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Nick Farnhill (no changes).