Madison and St. Clair counties account for well over half of the population of the Fifth District counties which produced cases in the past decade – 29.09% in Madison, 28.17% in St. Clair.  Williamson was 7.35%, Jackson had 5.8%, Franklin was 4.14%, Marion was 4.13% and Jefferson County had 4.06%.  Clinton County accounted for 4.04%.  Effingham had 3.79%.  Saline County was 2.6%, Crawford had 2.04%, Richland County was 1.73%, Massac had 1.55% and Washington County accounted for 1.51%.

Madison County produced eight cases during the decade.  St. Clair had seven cases.  Marion County accounted for four cases.  Jackson had three, Jefferson County had two, Saline produced two cases and Williamson had two.  Seven counties accounted for one case each – Massac, Richland, Franklin, Washington, Effingham, Clinton and Crawford counties.

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Image courtesy of Flickr by Ron Frazier (no changes).