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This time, we’re comparing the lag time from grant to decision in criminal cases to the ultimate case result.  In order not to bias the data, we begin by eliminating the death penalty and habeas corpus cases, where the determinants of lag time are quite different than non-death criminal cases.

Once again, there is a

Last time, we showed that for the most part since 1990, anywhere from twenty to forty-five percent of the Court’s civil decisions have arisen from unpublished decisions at the Court of Appeal.  This time we’re looking at the Court’s criminal docket.

Unpublished Court of Appeal decisions are far from the exception in criminal cases –

Today, we’re reviewing Justice Groban’s participation in oral arguments in criminal cases for patterns.  Once again, Justice Groban is relatively closely aligned with the majority in most cases.

However, his distribution of questions between appellants and respondents is more even than it was on the civil side.  When he votes with the majority to affirm,