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The Fourth Circuit had intended to resume in person oral arguments at the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Courthouse in Richmond, VA for its September argument calendar.  That return was short-lived, as this morning the Court issued a notice that it was suspending the scheduled in person oral arguments and holding September arguments remotely over Zoom. 

Less than a month ago, I excitedly reported about a courtroom reunion for appellate advocates and the Supreme Court justices.


With the recent surge in Delta variant Covid-19 infections, the North Carolina Supreme Court has postponed in-person oral arguments and reinstated remote oral arguments for the month of August–and possibly more.

Cannot say that

Friday afternoon, my email and text message notification systems were singing.  Why?  For the first time since December 2016 when the Court of Appeals received en banc review authority, an order allowing en banc rehearing was issued.  See Order allowing rehearing en banc.

What issue precipitated this magical unicorn?  I am not 100

After more than a year of remote oral arguments, the Supreme Court of North Carolina is ready for some face-to-face time.  Barring a COVID-19 resurgence, both the Justices and advocates will be back in the Justice Building during the week of August 30, 2021 for oral arguments.

In a change from pre-pandemic practice, specific argument