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As any parent knows, children say the darndest things. The other day, during bedtime, my three-year-old niece turned to her father unprompted and said, “I don’t want you to read me a story tonight. I want you to tell me when and how Santa Claus died.”

Given their proclivity to imagination, it’s not always easy

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in North Carolina Appeals. And if you’re interested in North Carolina appeals, you will really be interested in the North Carolina Appellate Practice CLE happening on Friday, March 31!

At this CLE, appellate practitioners will gather from all over the state to learn from current and former

The news these days is filled with stories about Artificial Intelligence and how it will change our lives.  We’ve seen impressive examples of AI-generated stories, poems and essays composed in the voice of famous writers.  Lawyers are wondering how this new tool will alter (or obliterate) our practices. 

Don’t panic yet.  It’s apparent that there

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of North Carolina published an order amending Appellate Rule 26.  New Appellate Rule 26 permits appellate documents filed in the trial court using Odyssey’s e-filing system to be served on opposing counsel using Odyssey’s system-wide service feature.   

Amended Rule 26 will protect trial attorneys who become accustomed to using