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–Remote Oral Argument in Harper v. Hall (N.C. Congressional Maps Case).  After a Supreme Court remand, the trial court entered an order upholding North Carolina’s congressional maps on 11 January 2022.  In what likely is one of the speediest appeals on record, the Supreme Court

As noted previously, the 2022 Appellate Rules amendments contemplate that the entire record on appeal should be filed electronically during a single e-filing session. Yet, when those amendments were first announced back in October 2021, the e-filing website required parties to wait until the printed record was docketed to file the remainder of the

This week, the Court of Appeals added some nuance to an issue that has plagued appellants for many years: the calculation of the appeal period when a judgment is not properly served but an appellant nonetheless has “actual notice” that it was entered.

In North Carolina, the 30-day appeal clock generally begins to run on