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In case you missed it, the Supreme Court of North Carolina issued a surprising disqualification order last week, setting up what could be a contentious internal fight within the Supreme Court as to which justices will determine a high-profile appeal with mammoth constitutional significance.

The case involves efforts by the NAACP to invalidate two recent

In North Carolina appellate practice, it is often generally said that an interlocutory order affecting a substantial right is immediately appealable.  But as the Court of Appeals reiterated in an opinion issued this week, that an interlocutory order may affect a substantial right does not automatically mean it can be immediately appealed.  Rather, for immediate

The Fourth Circuit had intended to resume in person oral arguments at the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Courthouse in Richmond, VA for its September argument calendar.  That return was short-lived, as this morning the Court issued a notice that it was suspending the scheduled in person oral arguments and holding September arguments remotely over Zoom.