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A case with a long procedural history in administrative and constitutional law that might have resolved the question of Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming surgery ended quietly May 12 when the Iowa Supreme Court declared the case moot. The matter was decided for the patients seeking coverage in this case, but the larger constitutional question awaits

A prosecutor did not discriminate against a Black criminal defendant by striking a Black member of the jury pool, the Iowa Supreme Court held in a decision handed down April 21, but three members of the Court in a separate opinion expressed concerns regarding a prosecutor’s question to prospective jurors about their opinions of the

In an opinion filed May 5, 2023 in Burnett v. Smith and State of Iowa the Iowa Supreme Court overruled its 2017 opinion in Godfrey v. State, which recognized a private right of action for damages against State officials for violations of the Iowa Constitution.
In this case, the plaintiff, a garbage truck driver, sued

The Iowa State Auditor is empowered by the Iowa Code to audit agencies of the state government and certain governmental subdivisions of the State, including cities and counties. Meanwhile, local governments are authorized by the Iowa Code to form collaborative entities. Does that mean the State Auditor has authority to audit those entities?
Not necessarily,

The Iowa Supreme Court affirmed the Polk County District Court’s denial of a motion to dismiss a suit brought by journalists claiming Gov. Kim Reynolds and other staffers within her office violated the Iowa Open Records Act. In reaching that decision, the Court held the plaintiffs’ claims against the Governor did not violate the Iowa

In July 2020 the Iowa Attorney General filed a civil suit alleging a now-defunct Omaha company violated Iowa’s Consumer Fraud Act in marketing stem-cell and exosome therapy treatments using false, misleading, and deceptive tactics.
When the case went to trial in Polk County District Court, the defendant, Travis Autor, an unlicensed chiropractor who owned a

The Iowa Constitution requires that bills enacted by the General Assembly contain a single subject in the title. Although legislators often use vaguely general titles on bills that contain many unrelated provisions, the Iowa Supreme Court has been reluctant to declare the practice unconstitutional: In the 166 years since the Constitution was written, the Court